List of publications generated by Endopos project:

  • Gemperle, J*., Harrison, T., Flett, C., Adamson, A. D. and Caswell, P. T*. (2022). On demand expression control of endogenous genes with DExCon, DExogron and LUXon reveals differential dynamics of Rab11 family members. eLife 

  • Wilson, B., Flett C., Gemperle, J., Lawless, C., Flett, C., Hartshorn, M., Hinde, E., Harrison, T., Chastney, M., Taylor, S., Allen, J., Norman J., Zacharchenko T., Caswell, P., (2022) Proximity labelling identifies pro-migratory endocytic recycling cargo and machinery of the Rab4 and Rab11 families, J Cell Sci jcs
  • Kappen, M., Secret. E., Gemperle. J., Flesch, J., Caswell. P., Coppey. M., Menager. C., Liße. D*., Piehler. J*. (2022Protein-based biofunctional coating of synthetic magnetic nanoparticles enables spatiotemporal control of protein functions in cells (available soon)

  • Gemperle, J., Coppey. M., Menager. C., Liße. D., Piehler. J and Caswell, P. T*.  (2022)  Magnetogenetics mediated re-positioning of Rab25 positive endosomes enables spatiotemporal control of actin cytoskeleton morphology (Manuscript in preparation)
  • ...

List of my other publications independent of Endopos project:

  • *Gemperle, J., Dibus, M., Koudelková, L., Rosel, D., Brábek, J. (2019). The interaction of PKN3 with p130Cas promotes malignant growth. Mol Oncol. 13, 264-289 (journal in Q1- best quartile; Cancer research).)
  • Koudelkova, L., Pataki, C., Tolde, O., Pavlik, V., Nobis, M., Gemperle, J., Anderson, K., Brábek, J., Rosel, D., (2019). Novel FRET-Based Src Biosensor Reveals Mechanisms of Src Activation and Its Dynamics in Focal Adhesions. Cell Chem Biol. 26, 255-268.e4(journal in Q1- best quartile; Biochemistry).

  • *Gemperle, J., Hexnerová, R., Lepšík, M., Tesina, P., Dibus, M., Novotný, M., Brábek, J., Veverka, V., and Rosel, D. (2017). Structural characterization of CAS SH3 domain selectivity and regulation reveals new CAS interaction partners. Sci. Rep. 7, 1-18. (journal in Q1- best quartile; Multidisciplinary)

  • Janoštiak, R., Brábek, J., Auernheimer, V., Tatárová, Z., Lautscham, L., Dey, T., Gemperle, J., Merkel, R., Goldmann, W., Fabry, B., Rösel, D. (2014). CAS directly interacts with vinculin to control mechanosensing and focal adhesion dynamics. Cell Mol Life Sci. 71, 727-44. (journal in Q1- best quartile; Cell Biology)

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